The olive oil in ancient Greece.
During the ancient times, the olive oil was not just used as common food. On the contrary, it was crucial for the history and the civilization of ancient Greek people. What is very well known is the notorious incident about the dispute between goddess Athena and god Neptune, who had a disagreement concerning the naming of Athens city. 

Nutritional value
The olive oil is not randomly supposed to be very significant in the Mediterranean nutrition, as long as its nutritional value is the one that gave prominence to how crucial and helpful olive oil can be in our everyday life.The civilizations that have integrated the olive oil in their nutrition tend to be healthier than others invariably.

Our production
Geographically, the land where we act and cultivate our product is located in the wider area of Monemvasia, and more specifically in the villages of Foutia, Panagitsa and Elliniko. Our fields number 45 acres, in which more than 1000 different varieties of olive trees can be found.

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